Brian Menendez

Student Review

Parent: Connie Stewart from Palm City

"We are grateful (our son) is being taught by such a fine musician.  His patience and subtle firmness during his lessons is something only a mother could hope for in a teacher.  Brian keeps (our son) on point with gentle nudges.  We feel like (our son) is being taught by the best here locally and the fact that (our son) adores Brian, says it all."  6/8/15

Student: 13 years old from Palm City

"Brian is a very awesome teacher.  He teaches me drums and at the same time makes it extremely fun.  He makes it okay to fail because he has faith in me and knows I will bounce right back and succeed.  Every time I say I can't do it he says, "yes you can, it's just unfamiliar," and that's the truth the next week I can do it with ease.  Thank you Brian."


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